This Week

Sorry for the late update.


We picked up a Christmas tree over the weekend, and decorated it after the M&Ms got home.  Monkey was really excited to decorate it (last year he couldn’t do much) butMonster was a bit reluctant to help at first (he wanted to play Minecraft instead).  After a bit of encouragement from me, he got really into it and had a lot of fun.  They each claimed a section of the tree and set up “exhibits”.  Monster with as many gold coloured decorations as he could find, Monkey with all the clear “diamonds”.

Christmas Tree

Here we are in front of the newly decorated tree.

For supper, we had a couple of my friends coming over who the children love playing with.  We had a Nerf gun fight, goofed off, and had a lot of fun.


We took the M&Ms to the zoo to see the festival of lights.  The weather was perfect, and everyone had a blast.  When it was time for bed, and I had finished reading his bedtime story, Monkey was very cuddly and Monster gave me one of the best hugs ever.


Not too much excitement.  It was the last night of Cub Scouts for Monster for the year, and we had a fire and cooked banana boats.  Monster wasn’t a fan of the banana boats with peanut butter in them, but said he’s willing to try them again another day without peanut butter.  That’s pretty impressive for Monster, in the past he would likely have decided that he didn’t like them, and refuse to every try them again.  We played a few games of “manhunter” (a combination of hide-and-go-seek and tag) and Monster kept trying to hide up a tree, but didn’t have time to climb high enough to be out of sight.


Bunny and Monkey baked some cookies together today.  It was really cute to watch, with Monkey asking after each cookie was put on the cookie sheet whether he was allowed to eat it or not.  I ate way too many of the cookies, and ended up feeling sick, but they were too delicious.


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