Week in review


Monster came home and got started on his flash cards straight away, with hardly any prompting.  He didn’t want any M&Ms as rewards, and managed to stay focused with no reward at all.  I only gave him two reminders throughout the whole thing, I’m so proud of him, and how well he’s doing.

Story time was fun and affectionate with both of the M&Ms: Monkey was extremely cuddly on Monday evening, and ended up falling asleep cuddled up to me after story time.  Monster, on the other hand, wanted to play a game that the children call “Stinky Steamroller” (invented and named by Monkey), which involves Monster rolling over me claiming to be a “clean steamroller”, and then when he’s crushing me claiming to be a “stinky steamroller” (or other undesirable type of steamroller), and me throwing him towards the wall on his bed.  This is about as close to cuddling as Monster gets.


I took Monkey Christmas shopping this afternoon (he gets out of school at 11:30, while Monster isn’t out until after 3) to find presents for Monster and Bunny.  Monster was easy, we wandered around until Monkey saw something he thought would be fun for him to play with, and bought that for Monster (a marshmallow blowgun).  Bunny was a bit more difficult, as 1. she doesn’t want anything, and 2. Monkey just wants to buy kids toys for her anyways.  We ended up finding something as we were on the way out of the mall to go get lunch.

After school was Monster’s turn to go shopping.  Monkey was again easy to shop for, we just hit up the Lego section of Walmart, and picked something affordable that Monkey would like.  Took a while to decide what he wanted to get for Bunny, and we won’t be able to get it until next Tuesday.

(Note to self, next year make sure Monster isn’t reading my blog before posting Christmas gifts to the M&Ms.)


As I posted before, this was Monster’s school Christmas event, which we decided not to go to in order to avoid exposing the children to the conflict with my ex-wife.  After asking Monster what he’d like to do instead, we decided to have hot dogs for supper and go out for black-light mini-golfing and a mirror maze.  As a bonus, Grandma got to tag along.  Afterwards we got Booster Juice and cinnamon buns for desert, before going to bed.  (Mini-golfing was so much fun that they went again with their mother on Saturday).


We went to the zoo after school.  Normally when we go to the zoo, we spend the whole time at one of the climbing structures there, and the M&Ms play on it for the whole time.  This time, we spent the whole time on the skating pond, throwing snowballs at each other (we were the only ones on the rink).  Monkey skated for about 10 minutes, before my arms got too tired, and then ran around in his boots, while Monster was in his boots the whole time.  Great fun was had by all (with the possible exception of Bunny, who doesn’t like getting snowballs thrown at her) until too much snow was in too many boots and it was time to get going.


Friday was the school Christmas party for both of the M&Ms, and pyjama day for both as well.  I dropped them off at school, and went on to work, while Bunny went back at noon to help out at Monster’s party.  Turns out Monster had had a rough morning, and was crying for a good portion of it.  She tried to talk to him, but couldn’t get much out of him.  There’s a “giving tree” at his school, with gifts/gift ideas for those in need.  Bunny was explaining to him that they were presents for people who didn’t get any, and he replied “Oh, like me”.

I left work early so that I could go back and talk to him when we picked up the containers from the party, but he was fine by then.  They had been working on a Christmas craft in the morning, and I think Monster is struggling a bit with the fact that my ex-wife, his mother, doesn’t celebrate Christmas (she is a somewhat-practising Jehovah’s Witness), and is a bit confused and worried that she’ll be left out of things because of it.

Next Week

Stay tuned for special Christmas posts next week, with Christmas eve and Christmas day photos, presents, and a very exciting announcement.

Edit:  The exciting announcement will be postponed until further notice.

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