Christmas Week

So last week, I said I’d have an exciting announcement for you.  Unfortunately, this will have to be postponed until further notice.


Not much excitement on Monday.  We took the M&Ms swimming, built some Lego, and that’s about it.


I mentioned last week that we were “getting” Bunny’s present from Monster on Tuesday and that’s what I told Bunny as well, but it wasn’t entirely accurate.  I spoke to Monster last week while we were shopping, and suggested that him and I could clean out Bunny’s car for her as a present.   So, Tuesday morning came and I told Bunny that I was taking Monster out shopping.  For three hours we worked on the car: vacuuming, scrubbing, Windexing, and taking it to the car wash.  Monster was a trooper, he did most of the vacuuming: back seat, front seat, floors, and trunk; while I did most of the scrubbing.  He was a bit worried when he realized that we were going to be driving with Bunny later in the day, because it would spoil the surprise.  I explained that there was no helping it, but that she would be surprised today instead, and he got excited and wanted to stash a card in the car for her to find when we got in.

When we finished, and came back in, Bunny was a bit frustrated that we’d left her for so long.  But later, when she finally realized what we had been doing, she just about cried.  Her own words, posted on Facebook that evening:

Today Devin told me he was taking [Monster] “shopping” for my Christmas gift and I started to get *concerned* when they had been gone for several hours and I hadn’t heard from them. This afternoon we were all getting in the car to go swimming and [Monster] had this incredibly mischievous look on his face and I was convinced that he must have done something “bad” and was waiting for me to figure it out. It turns out that he and Devin and had actually spend the entire morning cleaning and detailing my car inside and out!!!! I almost started bawling I was so touched!!! For an 8 year old to spend half a day of his precious Christmas holidays cleaning my car?! There are no words…

Love you Bunny!


We had some of the M&Ms’ friends over and built gingerbread houses.  Monkey and I built one, while Monster and Bunny built the other.  

Note the Christmas Tree stuck to the roof.  Also note that for every candy that made it onto the house, at least one went into Monkey’s mouth.


Later on, we went to visit Grandma and to see Candycane Lane.  Both the M&Ms were excited to see all the different lights, and hardly complained about the cold at all.  Monkey held my hand for pretty much the whole walk (about 18 city blocks total).

Thursday through Saturday

Christmas fun was had, gifts were opened, friends and family was visited, and much joy was had by all.  I’ll post the details with pictures in a separate post soon.

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  1. I love you most! And I don’t think I was *that* grumpy that you were gone so long! More concerned and feeling badly that you had spent so much time shopping for me! That was still the best Christmas gift I received, just don’t tell Zachary as that robe was a close second 😉 <3 Xoxo

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