What to do, and how to find out?

So I’ve started to think that it might be in Monster’s (and eventually Monkey’s) best interest if I start looking for a new school for him.  I have had several complaints about the school he’s currently in, but never before this week have I felt like I was letting him down by keeping him there (details to come in this week’s weekly review, will update with a link).  At the moment, I don’t know what an “ideal” school for him even looks like, nor do I really know how to find out.  Monster has ADHD, but also potentially (probably?) a learning disability in reading and/or writing.  He can read a story at or around grade level, but has a lot of difficulty following written instructions, and a lot of difficulty writing in general.  Because he’s in French Immersion, however, they can’t/won’t diagnose him with a learning disability, or at least not at his age.
So that brings me to my big questions at the moment:

  1. How can I get a more thorough assessment of Monster’s difficulties?
  2. What would the “ideal” school for Monster and Monkey look like?
  3. Am I doing him a disservice by insisting on keeping him in French Immersion, or will this actually help him?
  4. Are there any schools in the city that would be better for him?  The province?  The country?
  5. Is it worth the legal battle that would undoubtedly ensue to move him, if there is a better opportunity for him elsewhere?
  6. Are there any support tools available that would help him out?  How can I convince my ex-wife to use them for him as well?
I’ll be doing my best to explore these questions, and blog about whatever I find over the next few weeks.

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