Photo Tour of Christmas Morning

I’ve got a bunch more pictures of Christmas day than I did for Christmas Eve.


The stockings were placed on the couch with care.  We may have gone a bit overboard on the stocking stuffers?


Santa must have showed up in the night.  One of my favorite gifts that we gave the kids are the two bins at the bottom right.  The top one is filled with massive quantities of homemade Play-Doh, and the bottom one is filled with massive quantities of homemade Kinetic Sand.


But never mind presents, there was Minecraft to play!  You’d barely even know it was Christmas by how calm they were.


On Christmas Eve, he got some Transformer toys (some assembly required), and we had to build these before we could even start on the new pile of presents.


BEST GIFT EVER!!!!  This was his absolutely adorable reaction to almost every present he opened.


Slime is one of the most exciting things ever.  Reminds me of this photo of him.


Can never have too much chocolate.


A present from Monkey.  About a week after I took Monkey to buy this, Bunny said that she needed a new bath robe.


My new Nerf gun.  Shoots little balls at 100 feet per second.

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